UI/UX design

Create design-focused premium websites that ensure a smooth online experience for your customers.

UX design refers to the term ‘user experience design, while UI stands for ‘user interface design.’ They are both human-first approaches with the goal of better website results. UX is a website design approach with the goal of delighting users with effectiveness, while UI is designing the look of a website to delight users aesthetically.

While their roles are quite different, both elements are crucial to a website and work closely together. Because you can’t have something that looks great but is difficult to use (an example of poor UX). And similarly, something that is very usable but looks terrible is a big no (and an example of poor UI). So UX and UI go firmly hand in hand.


Planning and work strategy

Our UI/UX designers (and supporting team) work in very close collaboration to ensure we achieve the primary goals of meeting users’ needs/goals and addressing key pain points in the user journey to maximise conversions.

  • Proven blueprint used
  • Human first approach for best results
  • Optimum website aesthetic appeal/functionality
  • Quality assurance checks


Communication in the process is key to success and our team of UI/UX designers, programmers, visual designers, information architects, business analysts and product managers excel in this with extensive experience across a wide range of technologies to deliver results that power your online presence and deliver exceptional ROI.

At AK Marketing, every UX/UI designed website follows our proven blueprint – ensuring thoughtful planning, customisation and an approach that builds better brands with a conversion rate optimisation focus (what matters). So value rich UX/UI design is what we deliver – yes, we take the stress away from building your website.


What do you need from me to get started?

We will arrange an initial consultation with you. During this consultation, we will interview you to understand your brand’s needs and how you want the website to look and feel. We then determine a tactical plan, timeline and project map moving forward.

How long will my website take?

Websites typically take 3-6 weeks but vary based on the number of pages and complexities involved. We will advise you on a timeframe after you first speak to us, and we understand your requirements.

How many website revisions are there?

We provide 3 website revisions. And don’t worry, it’s very rare for us to require more website revisions than that to perfect your website – as we will always strive to get it right the first time. If, however, you do require more than 3 revisions, then we will advise you on the costs (which are affordable).

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