Why choose us?

Our business is built on creating better brands the proven way Thus, we have developed a proven blueprint and are always able to give you personalised expert advice based on our proven blueprint to achieve outstanding results for your brand.

Tell me more about your proven blueprint?

We have studied hundreds of websites that converted poorly to formulate our proven blueprint that serves as a master plan for all websites. It contains a hierarchy of website needs that covers functionality, reliability, understanding, attraction and performance.

Why is a proven blueprint so critical to success?

Simple: “Web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” Thus, we deliver strategic and design-focused premium websites (underpinned by technical excellence) that keep customers engaged and invested in your brand.

What do you need to get started on website maintenance?

We will only need your content management system (CMS) login or alternatively you can create a separate login for us. Then we’ll do all the rest!

Explain more about your technical support service?

Technical support is for bigger changes that will take longer than 3 hours to execute. So, there will be an additional charge for this (that we’ll inform you on upfront). Some examples of technical support: Adding new pages, removing of malware, transferring of website to another host and domain transfer/setup.

What is worst thing that can happen if my business doesn’t invest in website maintenance?

The worst thing that can happen is that you can lose your website and you’ll have to start from scratch. Yes, unfortunately that’s the sad reality. So be ensure to take a proactive approach to ensure you build a better brand (your number #1 goal).

What do you need to get started on my website?

We will arrange an initial consultation with you. During this consultation, we will interview you to understand your brand’s needs and how you want the website to look and feel. We then determine a tactical plan, timeline and project map moving forward.

How long will my website take to design/develop?

Websites typically take 3-6 weeks but vary based on the number of pages and complexities involved. We will advise you on a timeframe after you first speak to us, and we understand your requirements.

How many website revisions do you offer?

We provide 3 website revisions. And don’t worry, it’s very rare for us to require more website revisions than that to perfect your website – as we will always strive to get it right the first time. If, however, you do require more than 3 revisions, then we will advise you on the costs (which are affordable).

What do you need from me to get started on content writing?

This will depend on the amount of content you require. Small job – you will need to brief us on the project, and we will then ask you any questions (if we have any). Medium/large job – we will need to do a client probe with you (asking you specific questions) over the phone (for best results), which typically lasts 15 minutes.

Do I get input into the content writing?

Yes! When you brief us, or we probe you – this is where you get the chance to give your valuable input on what goes into the content. And then when you receive the first version (for revision) you get another chance. Summary: Ensure you give as much input at the start for best results and to save unnecessary rounds of revisions.

How many revisions are there in your content writing service?

Unlimited revisions! But please note we pride ourselves on our effective communication and always strive to get your content right the first time. So, it’s rare that we ever must do more than 1-2 rounds of revisions. Because if there are any more revisions than that then, the communication process between us and you must have failed.

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