How Sloomy Improved Real User Metrics with UI/UX Design


Sloomy is an online ecommerce retailer selling eucalyptus bedding sheets and 8 months after creating a new UI/UX Designed website with AK Marketing has:

  • Increased their average session duration (minutes) by 143%
  • Increased sessions per day to their website by 204%
  • Increased customer retention rates by 527%.

Tom Gordon (Owner of Sloomy) advertised and being new to ecommerce wanted to do business with a reputable and proven provider – so after viewing AK Marketing’s portfolio, he was persuaded to move forward.

Before approaching AK Marketing, Tom had over 20 years in the building industry but wanted to establish another reliable income stream through ecommerce. He wanted a website that would stand out from the pack.

The Story of Sloomy

Sloomy, founded in 2021 by current owner Tom Gordon, are serious about helping their customers sleep better by selling affordable, softer, and comfier Eucalyptus sheets than all other bedding companies on the market. Sloomy’s lyocell fabric is made from high-quality eucalyptus wood pulp, a sustainable and renewable natural resource. Overall, Sloomy believe in the perfect marriage between quality and sustainability to deliver the finest sheets on earth.

Before approaching AK Marketing, the client (and as mentioned earlier) had expert knowledge in their field (building) but zero knowledge of what it took to setup, run, and grow an online start-up business from scratch into a successful one that would thrive.

Sloomy asked AK Marketing some basic questions to give them the confidence to get started. However, AK Marketing built on this by following their proven system (starting with a client probe interview) that quickly identified more of the key challenges the client would face before providing the best possible solutions to ensure long-term success.

The Challenge of The Unknown Sloomy Faced Before UI/UX Design

Sloomy (as we’ve already mentioned) we’re brand new to online ecommerce but knew they wanted a design that popped and a website that was better than all competitors. But overall, they wanted ease-of-use in managing their website daily to easily drive more sales.

Why Sloomy Chose UI/UX Design

Sloomy wanted to differentiate themselves from their competition and wanted a value for money approach that would deliver this. So once they understood that AK Marketing’s UI/UX Design service was the superior option – along with providing the best possible experience for their customers – they checked some prior UI/UX designed websites from their showcase. After viewing these websites, and knowing it was in line with their expectations, they asked a few questions, were satisfied with the answers, and choose to move forward with AK Marketing’s UI/UX Design service.

How Sloomy Used UI/UX Design

With their new website created, that followed UI/UX Design best practices, Sloomy (with a little initial training) quickly conquered any website challenges through the website’s enhanced user experience that quickly pointed to the solution of completing their daily website tasks to fulfill orders, satisfy customers, and make process improvements that would drive more revenue and ensure the longevity of the company.

“The service AK Marketing delivered is outstanding. Their professionalism and regular updates on how everything was tracking kept me assured throughout the whole process. Overall, AK Marketing has primed my business and put it well on the path for success.”

– Tom Gordon, Owner, Sloomy

The Results

8 months after completing a new UI/UX Designed website with AK Marketing, Sloomy has:

  • Increased their average session duration (minutes) by 143%
  • Increased sessions per day to their website by 204%
  • Increased customer retention rates by 527%.

Get a Better Website Using a Proven Blueprint

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