How Roller Shutter People Uses Google Ads to Grow Yearly Revenue by 31%


Roller Shutter People install/supply roller shutters and after investing in a long-term monthly Google AdWords campaign
with AK Marketing, have:

  • Lifted brand awareness 29% for complete views
  • Achieved revenue at 26% of the cost of traditional media used in the previous year
  • Driven 31% year-on-year revenue growth for Sydney (its target market).

Chris Wilson (Owner of Roller Shutter People) advertised on Airtasker – building his website using AK Marketing’s services –
before seeing the opportunity to invest in their Google Ads service, following proven strategies to deliver ROI.

Before approaching AK Marketing, Chris Wilson had engaged the services of many companies for his different businesses,
but none were able to achieve a good online presence that would allow him to grow and diversify.

The Story of Roller Shutter People

Roller Shutter People was established in 2019 and has grown exponentially to be a leading provider and supplier of affordable, modern, and durable roller shutters across Sydney. The company is a family run, family owned, and family proud business with over 40 years’ combined experience in the window shutters industry.

When engaging AK Marketing to complete their website it was clear the client had a lack of confidence in the ability of previous marketing companies to accelerate business growth by providing a solid online presence that they could rely on to increase revenue. 

Roller Shutter People were left uninspired to engage AK Marketing’s services post website production because of the poor past results. But after working closely with AK Marketing to build a great website, they knew from their communication with Kieran Duffey (Business Development Manager) that AK Marketing’s Google AdWords service would deliver conversions and drive brand growth.

The Challenge of Overcoming Past Failures Roller Shutter People Faced Before SEO

The client had experienced not only a few ‘poor online presence’ failures but several (with a number of similar businesses) and started to form negative connotations that any marketing company was simply after his money rather than delivering the results he needed.

Why Roller Shutter People Chose Google AdWords

As a new company (back in 2019) Roller Shutter People was looking for a marketing strategy that was quick, effective, and could deliver consistent sales results. AK Marketing advised them their Google AdWords service is proven to work (mentioning clients in various industries) and quickly with the right investment, delivering solid ROI. After digesting the analysis and inspired by the great website AK Marketing delivered, Roller Shutter People did not hesitate to move forward with their Google AdWords service.

How Roller Shutter People Used Google AdWords

In the early days the client boasted of a 100% conversion rate when his phone rung. But overall, the increased target traffic to the website, resulted in more lead enquiries, higher conversions, and more sales.

“I almost gave up on marketing companies before I engaged AK Marketing to build my website. But they quickly installed renewed confidence in me with their awesome communication and the results they achieved with my website. After that I had a hunch that I should go with them, and I was right as they continue to increase our revenue year-on-year.”

– Chris Wilson, Owner, Roller Shutter People

The Results

After investing in a monthly Google AdWords campaign since inception of the business, Roller Shutter People has:

  • Lifted brand awareness 29% for complete views
  • Achieved revenue at 26% of the cost of traditional media used in the previous year
  • Driven 31% year-on-year revenue growth for Sydney (its target market).

Maximise Conversions with Google AdWords

Start the conversation today to build your brand better just like Roller Shutter People did by calling us on 0405 488 549 or emailing Because Google AdWords is like any other investment – the point is to make money – and our services guarantee to achieve above industry standard ROI’s by keeping customers invested and engaged with your brand.

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