How Ray White Green Valley Generated 3X More Traffic Than Competitors in 6 Months


Ray White Green Valley is a full-service real estate that 6 months after starting a SEO campaign with AK
Marketing has:

  • Increased traffic by 317%
  • Ranked 157+ keywords on page 1
  • Driven up revenue by 110%.

Michael Makrinakis (Director of Ray White Green Valley) was referred to us by a Property Consultant within his company after seeing the opportunity with their customised, proven, and results only SEO approach.

Before approaching us, Ray White Green Valley was frustrated by previous SEO efforts that ‘did nothing’ in their opinion and even requested a refund from a provider because they believed no SEO tasks were performed.

The Story of Ray White Green Valley

Ray White was founded in 1902 and has grown into the largest real estate franchise group in Australasia. With over 1,000 offices, the company is represented in all Australian states, internationally, and employs more than 13,000 people with an annual turnover in excess of AU$39 billion.

Before approaching AK Marketing, Ray White Green Valley’s online presence was non-existent and they were confused about the best SEO approach to move forward with due to inconsistency of information received from various SEO providers.

Ray White Green Valley were frustrated by not only poor results from previous SEO providers but a lack of transparency. However, after AK Marketing reassured them of being a company ‘that offer no excuses’ and only ‘serious SEO results’, they were quickly persuaded to do business with AK Marketing and now strive to improve their results further.

The Challenge of Misinformation Ray White Green Valley Received Before Starting SEO

Due to the lack of results and no upfront, honest, and
transparent communication received from past SEO providers, Ray White Green Valley gathered information from internal sources and told AK Marketing that creating a landing page may be the best way to rank their website.

Why Ray White Green Valley Chose SEO

Ray White Green Valley became interested in AK Marketing’s SEO service after being educated that whilst there are over 200 ranking factors in the Google Search Algorithm, their focus is on certain ranking factors that carry more weight, genuinely moving the SEO needle and leading to increased revenue (what matters). After learning this, Ray White Green Valley did not hesitate to move forward with AK Marketing’s SEO results service.

How Ray White Green Valley Used SEO

The increase of traffic by 317% achieved through a focus on relevance (and not just general SEO tactics) resulted in Ray White Green Valley receiving more targeted leads, more of which they converted, resulting in a revenue increase of 110%, driving brand growth.

“From the first moment I spoke to Kieran from AK Marketing I knew they were different from the rest, and they did not disappoint, from outlining their clear approach in the beginning and then executing our SEO strategy seamlessly to deliver outstanding results and value that we count on to grow exponentially.”

– Michael Makrinakis, Director, Ray White Green Valley

The Results

After 6 months during a long-term SEO campaign with AK Marketing, Ray White Green Valley has:

  •  Increased traffic by 317%
  • Ranked 157+ keywords on page 1
  • Driven up revenue by 110%.

Generate Higher Revenue with Proven SEO

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