How Miss Amara Increased Yearly Sales by 23% with Content Marketing


Miss Amara sells the largest range of modern rugs Australia wide and 15 months after investing in a long-term content marketing campaign with AK Marketing, has:

  • Boosted engagement by 152%
  • Generated 214% more lead enquiries
  • Increased conversions by 356%.

Tim Benson (Founder of Miss Amara) found AK Marketing’s website by chance  – was impressed by what he read about content marketing – and quickly picked up the phone to talk to them, knowing the opportunity.

Before approaching AK Marketing, the client had engaged another company to execute its content, got some results from it, but knew there was large room for improvement after learning about ‘thought leadership.’

The Story of Miss Amara

Miss Amara (founded in 2015) started because of failure – specifically the failure (numerous times) to buy a rug online. The failure was that potential customers were abandoning ship, putting buying a rug in the ‘too hard basket’ for various reasons. That’s when they saw opportunity and they decided they needed to revolutionise the way people bought rugs online. Today, Miss Amara is the proud seller of Australia’s largest, most stylish, and colourful rugs for the home, office, studio, and other living spaces.

When engaging AK Marketing to run a long-term content marketing campaign, the client knew the importance of content marketing (being aware of thought leadership), but their current content was formed without an underlying strategy (key to success), leaving Miss Amara missing out on opportunity and leaving money on the table.

Miss Amara was already a successful company, but it was not the leading one in its market. Simply, they wanted to change that and become the leader by engaging AK Marketing’s content marketing service that would establish them as the rug selling market leaders.

The Challenge of Miss Amara Not Accepting the Status Quo Before Content Marketing

Miss Amara was never content in its journey to build its brand, but serious time did pass before the company decided to act on content marketing. Much of this was because of its lack of knowledge in content marketing, and even falsely believing that it wasn’t an effective way to improve its revenue, reach, and ROI.

Why Miss Amara Chose Content Marketing

Miss Amara knew of thought leadership, and this was the first thing mentioned in conversations with AK Marketing. But what convinced Miss Amara (and won them over) to do business with AK Marketing (over others) was their concise, engaging, informative, and persuasive presentation that demonstrated thought leadership. So after this (and asking some questions) Miss Amara had no hesitation in moving forward with AK Marketing’s content marketing service long-term.

How Miss Amara Used Content Marketing

Miss Amara used the valuable, relevant, and consistent content from its content marketing campaign to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and to drive consistent profitable customer action long-term.

“Words just don’t do justice to how much AK Marketing helped us. Because at the start we thought we were smart, but it turned out AK was much smarter by executing a well-thought out content marketing plan that delivered amazing results that not only lifted our revenue but grew our brandability. A one-of-a-kind company you must deal with.”

– Tim Benson, Founder, Miss Amara

The Results

15 months after investing in a long-term content marketing campaign with AK Marketing, Miss Amara has:

  • Boosted engagement by 152%
  • Generated 214% more lead enquiries
  • Increased conversions by 356%

Increase Sales with Content Marketing

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