How Lonewolf Improved Task Success Rate with UI/UX Design


Lonewolf is an online ecommerce retailer selling affordable/high quality apparel and 6 months after completing UI/UX Design website overhaul with AK Marketing has:

  • Increased task success rate by 676%
  • Increased average order size by 169%
  • Increased sales by 256%.

After AK Marketing reached out to Nicholas Heatley (Owner of Lonewolf)  and highlighted the critical problems with his website that were easy to fix), Nicholas quickly became interested in AK Marketing’s services.

Before dealing with AK Marketing, Lonewolf had a website that was making zero sales but was at a loss what to do next. All Lonewolf knew is they wanted success and despite a limited budget wanted to make it happen.

The Story of Lonewolf

Lonewolf stands for anyone that struggled with adversity in life and is a proud New Zealand brand (founded in 2020) that creates unique, high-quality, and affordable apparel from the finest components and materials. The brand exclusively operates across New Zealand and is proud to be the local gym and clothing shop offering leading women’s and men’s athletic apparel. Lonewolf encourages its customers to make a difference by wearing the brand as a silent badge to anyone that has overcome adversity and won.

Before being approached by AK Marketing, the client built their website with almost zero knowledge and initially was pleased with the results. However, as months passed with no sales, Lonewolf’s dream of its website becoming successful quickly evaporated.

So it was just a case of timing with Lonewolf – AK Marketing approached it at the precise moment the client was at their lowest moment and ready to take action. And it only took AK Marketing answering a few key client questions and explanation of its proven blueprint, to inspire the confidence needed to move forward.

The Challenge of Limited Budget Lonewolf Faced Before UI/UX Design

Lonewolf knew it needed to invest wisely to generate sales and grow – but it didn’t want to break the bank either by investing in a service that would not deliver the value needed for it to fix its problems and allow the brand to be successful in the mid and long-term.

Why Lonewolf Chose UI/UX Design

Despite being restricted by budget, Lonewolf knew it didn’t want to compromise on results. Therefore, it carefully listened to AK Marketing’s explanation between the key differences between Web Development and UI/UX Design. Lonewolf quickly became interested in AK Marketing’s UI/UX Design service after understanding key benefits and seeing its proven success for current clients (through case studies). AK Marketing gave upfront pricing for Lonewolf’s website project and Lonewolf (armed with all this knowledge) chose to move forward with AK Marketing’s UI/UX Design service.

How Lonewolf Used UI/UX Design

After a successful UI/UX Design website overhaul, Lonewolf quickly put the ‘fun’ back into day-to-day running of the store.  They realised both now for them and their customers there were less steps needed to complete a task and learnt (through AK Marketing) their task success score had risen by 676%. Without getting too technical, the site was now not just aesthetically pleasing but functional – resulting in their cashflow problems improving with more sales (goal achieved).

“AK Marketing were a huge help finding me and letting me know there was a lot of things my website could improve on. They communicated flawlessly with emails and phone calls. Quite simply they want above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service that now our brand can count on to expand on our current success. No better company on the market – thanks!”

– Nicholas Heatley, Owner, Lonewolf

The Results

6 months after completing a UI/UX Design website overhaul with AK Marketing, Lonewolf has:

  • Increased task success rate by 676%
  • Increased average order size by 169%
  • Increased sales by 256%.

Get a Better Website Using a Proven Blueprint

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