How Kieran Duffey Tripled Conversions in 8 Months by Following a SEO Roadmap


Kieran Duffey is an Australian-wide copywriting service that 8 months after following a SEO Roadmap driven-campaign with AK Marketing has:

  • Increased conversions by 313%
  • Ranked all targeted keywords on page 1
  • Achieve a ROI of 557%.

Kieran Duffey (Owner of his own brand) suffered from the number 1 problem for a copywriter – that ‘you can only write so quickly’ and was time poor. Thus, he approached AK Marketing after receiving a referral to them.

Before approaching AK Marketing, Kieran Duffey (already knowledgeable in SEO) was doing SEO but with time constraints knew he was not maximising his SEO results. So Kieran knew he needed to leverage by outsourcing.

The Story of Kieran Duffey Copywriter

Kieran Duffey was founded in 2020 and is now the go-to copywriter in his home-city (Brisbane), as well as rapidly growing to be on the most in-demand copywriters in Australia. Kieran operates in his own name (as face of the brand) to win trust with his target audience and has a motto of not just meeting his client expectations but exceeding them with winning communication, attention to detail, and content marketing results that drive higher ROI/revenue and build a better brand.

Before approaching AK Marketing, Kieran was already running a successful copywriting business but wanted to grow quicker, increase revenue, and expand his reach Australia wide – so in time he wanted to become one of the top copywriters in Australia.

But Kieran (as mentioned before) was suffering from being time poor, thus not having enough time to grow his brand by working on critical SEO tasks. However, after having a few conversations with AK Marketing, he knew they were the perfect fit for his SEO needs.

The Challenge of Poor Outsourcing Experiences Kieran Duffey Encountered Before Starting SEO

Kieran Duffey already had a serious knowledge of outsourcing best practices, but despite this had encountered a number of poor experiences (over his 15-year career) outsourcing to various local providers.

Why Kieran Duffey Chose SEO

Kieran Duffey already had expertise in SEO (previously specialising in this area) and so knew it was a must to build his brand better. But AK Marketing were the provider that won his business because sure he wanted results (like everyone else) but what he valued most was their communication as well as upfront/honest/transparent approach. After learning this and quickly liking them, Kieran Duffey moved forward with AK Marketing’s SEO results service.

How Kieran Duffey Used SEO

The SEO Roadmap used by AK Marketing only focused on what was important – and that was driving increased targeted traffic to Kieran Duffey, which increased conversions by 313%. The conversions increase drove up revenue substantially, allowing Kieran to reinvest back into his business, and then grow even more. Kieran Duffey now has Australia wide reach with his copywriting service and is working towards his goal to becoming one of Australia’s top copywriters.

“AK Marketing stood out from a crowded SEO industry with a smart SEO approach that only focuses on the big picture and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Because from experience, I know SEO can be complex (if you let it be) but having a method to your madness with a clear, systematic, and results-driven approach is critical. AK Marketing have all the qualities you need in spades and with the results they have achieved for my brand I give them my highest recommendation.”

– Kieran Duffey, Owner, Kieran Duffey

The Results

After 8 months following a SEO Roadmap during a long-term SEO campaign with AK Marketing, Kieran Duffey has:

  • Increased conversions by 313%
  • Ranked all targeted keywords on page 1
  • Achieve a ROI of 557%.

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