How inVideo Achieved a 1700% Increase in Organic Sales in Under One Year


inVideo is a powerful, online video editor and in under one year of running an SEO campaign with AK Marketing has been able to:

  • Increase organic sales by 200%
  • Increase organic page visits by 600%
  • Achieve an 1000% increase in organic keywords.

The Client

InVideo is a powerful, online video editor that sells a subscription service to their online video editor.

They approached AK Marketing with clear cut goals and objectives:

  • Increase organic visits to the website via organic search
  • Increase overall SEO rankings for their sales keywords, specifically for the keyword “create Facebook video ads”
  • Increase their overall organic sales revenue.

Initially, AK Marketing found that there were multiple issues with their on-page SEO, in particular around their structured data and schema markup. They were already ranking quite competitively for multiple keywords in the top 5 to top 10 so AK Marketing believed adding schema mark up to some of these keywords could definitely increase their click-through rates as they approached number 1 rankings. AK Marketing also advised inVideo on content suggestions around key landing pages. Alongside all of this, AK Marketing devised a plan with link building to explode their organic traffic growth.

The Strategy

To compete on a SERP dominated by countless authority websites such as Facebook, Vimeo, Biteable, and more, the strategy boils down to “creating the best page on the internet to represent this query” – which is exactly what Google is looking for when it comes to something like this.

This meant AK Marketing needed to create a beautiful, fast landing page that provided all of the contexts a visitor may be looking for; how to make a Facebook video ad, your best options depending on your skill level, how hard it is to do, and what are all the different ways a searcher might be looking for this information – including what order must it be presented in. But it doesn’t stop there, there were already a few websites doing just that. So AK Marketing had to also push a tonne of high value and authority backlinks to the webpage.

The Campaign

After implementing the technical content changes as well as adding in the structured data to their case, AK Marketing began the link building campaign.

With any SEO project, the key is to ensure the on-page SEO is done perfectly before moving on towards the link building.

Once AK Marketing did all the checks on this, they began with the link building campaign.

When it comes to link building, you need to make sure that you are sourcing the right links dependent upon the industry you’re in and the competitors that you’re against.

With inVideo, they had already secured a high number of links and had a high domain rating, the key was to source the highest quality links with the best metrics to maximise their results.

inVideo sourced anywhere between 150 to 250 links per month and had a clear goal in mind in terms of their links. Links sourced were anywhere between DR 30 to DR 80+ with a spam score of less than 5% and a minimum organic traffic of 1,000. In the graph is a breakdown of inVideo’s total links secured during the period that AK Marketing worked with them.

One important thing to note is that it does not include all links, so some links might have been created naturally (for example, someone sharing links to inVideo of a product on a forum). Also, keep in mind this was to get their DR from 50 to 80 and they did have a big budget for their link building and outreach activities. They were spending close to USD 20,000 per month on link building. This is around the ballpark figure for most big companies when it comes to their link building activities. It’s a huge part of ongoing SEO growth and inVideo spent a lot of resources on it which is why they’ve got such incredible results.

The Results

These graphs show you the power of link building. From link building alone, inVideo saw a substantial increase in organic traffic with organic traffic going from roughly 200,000 per month to 1,200,000-1,500,000 per month multiple keywords being registered monthly, many of which came through to the top 10 (over 50,000 keywords) and many in the top 3.

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