How Career Stylr Increased Lead Quality by 90% with Social Media


Career Stylr provide a better resume/job search strategy and 11 months after investing in a long-term social media campaign with AK Marketing, has:

  • Increased audience growth rate by 897%
  • Increased engagement rate by 209%
  • Increased conversions by 416%.

Pam Foster (Owner of Career Stylr) reached out to AK Marketing  – and after a conversation – acted on their upfront advice – seeing the opportunity in social media and deciding it was a long-term option for her brand.

Before approaching AK Marketing, Pam Foster (aware of the importance) took a DIY approach to social media but was disappointed with the results, but knew it could work, reading numerous success stories online.

The Story of Career Stylr

Career Stylr (founded in 2018) has one goal – to land clients their dream career. The brand does this by creating standout, captivating, and impactful resumes that get more attention with better personalisation, storytelling, and brand capturing. But critical to success – and an area of expertise for Career Stylr – is confidence building (it’s the first of four pillars to success) because confidence creates momentum and puts you on the path to your dream career.

When engaging AK Marketing to run a long-term social media campaign, it was clear that the client had a solid understanding of social media. However, the client (critically) did not have a social media strategy in place, nor did it have a ‘uniqueness’ that would differentiate its campaign from the competition, to maximise ROI.

Career Stylr was frustrated by the lack of social media success but was drawn to AK Marketing’s services because of the appeal of their unique digital storytelling strategy, one that was explained as fundamental to success. This lightbulb moment by Pam Foster (the client) gave her the confidence that AK Marketing’s social media service could take her brand places, by driving more revenue.

The Challenge of Career Stylr Being the Face of the Brand Before Social Media

The client was happy being the ‘face of her brand’ but after reading negative stories online, was worried about any personal negative impact from running a long-term social media campaign. Not knowing the ins and outs of social media, it was a concern that held her back.

Why Career Stylr Chose Social Media

Career Stylr was drawn to AK Marketing’s pitch for social media – simply that it would draw in undiscovered customers through a unique digital storytelling strategy. Once explained that each content piece would appeal to a highly-specified target audience (matching the brand’s existing voice) and engage potential customers – Career Stylr asked a few key questions before deciding to move forward with AK Marketing’s social media service for the long-term.

How Career Stylr Used Social Media

Career Stylr used social media to attract customers, get customer feedback, do more market research, reduce marketing costs, and build customer loyalty. Overall, it allowed the brand to increase its market reach around Australia, resulting in higher revenue and growth.

“AK Marketing are true experts in their field. They quickly won me over with their exceptional communication that never left me second guessing with any of their advice. Engaging their service shook up my brand completely and took it to the next level.” You can’t go past this company for results. Thank you.”

– Pam Foster, Owner, Career Stylr

The Results

11 months after investing in a long-term Social Media campaign with AK Marketing, Career Stylr has:

  • Increased audience growth rate by 897%
  • Increased engagement rate by 209%
  • Increased conversions by 416%.

Get Higher Quality Leads with Social Media

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