Content writing

Impact your target audience with engaging, powerful, and emotive copy that inspires action.

Your customers have short attention spans and so your business needs to engage them with concise content that leads with the benefits, persuades through meaningful content that adds value and inspires some form of action by appealing to their emotions using copywriting psychological triggers that are proven to work.

These effective copywriting psychological triggers (like personalisation, social proof and authority for example) are powerful because they are known unconscious triggers that influence your customers behaviour/actions – and having these triggers embedded throughout your copy convinces customers to buy from your business.


Planning and work strategy

Successful content (that converts) always starts with effective research that gets to know your customers by creating customer personas that ensure your business message is relevant, ensuring the best chance of success.

  • Effective research key to success
  • Proven methods with use of formulas
  • Strategic copy is meaningful
  • Success measured and improved upon


Proven methods are what work for the big brands, and they will work for your brand too (no matter the size). 

These proven methods rely on the use of copywriting formulas to save time (which is money), starting from scratch and eliminating guesswork that fast-track success for your content (what matters).

Because success in business is all about leverage and using proven existing resources to your advantage. 

We know ‘uniqueness’ is important and that’s why we guarantee original content that leaves a lasting impression on your target audience, separates you from your competition and builds your better (the goal).


What do you need from me to get started?

This will depend on the amount of content you require. Small job – you will need to brief us on the project, and we will then ask you any questions (if we have any). Medium/large job – we will need to do a client probe with you (asking you specific questions) over the phone (for best results), which typically lasts 15 minutes.

Do I get input into the content?

Yes! When you brief us, or we probe you – this is where you get the chance to give your valuable input on what goes into the content. And then when you receive the first version (for revision) you get another chance. Summary: Ensure you give as much input at the start for best results and to save unnecessary rounds of revisions.

How many content revisions are there?

Unlimited revisions! But please note we pride ourselves on our effective communication and always strive to get your content right the first time. So, it’s rare that we ever must do more than 1-2 rounds of revisions. Because if there are any more revisions than that then, the communication process between us and you must have failed.

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